E-SWAN Publications Committee

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 The Publications Committee is responsible for the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate which is a link between all the communities involved in Space Weather and in Space Climate such as (but not limited to) space, solar, atmospheric scientists, engineers, forecasters, social scientists, economists, physicians, insurance experts …


In 2023, the Publication committee members are:

  • From the JSWSC Directorate
    •  Natalie Krivova (MPS, Germany)
    • Ilya Usoskin (UOulu, Finland)
    • Jan Janssens (STCE, Belgium)
    • Jürgen Watermann (jfwConsult, France)
  • Not related to JSWSC
    • Jaroslav Urbar (CAS, Czech)
    • Judith de Patoul (ROB, Belgium)
    • Paolo Romano (INAF, Italy)



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