E-SWAN New Committee

A committee may be created any time during the year. In order to be created, a committee must 

  • Propose to the Executive Board
    • Its bylaws project. These Bylaws must state the objectives and tasks of the new committee, its composition , its functioning.
    • A preliminary list of members
  • The Executive Board shall iterate with the proposers until a decision can be made. 
  • The Executive Board decides to create this new committee or to refuse it. Amongst the reasons for refusing are (not limited to):
    • These Bylaws are not consistent with the actual valid Statutes of E-SWAN
    • The new committee does not respect the values of E-SWAN

When a new committee is created:

  • The new committee immediately gets one seat in the Council, and all the pertaining rights and duties 
  • The Executive Board must publicise the new committee to E-SWAN
  • The Executive Board must report on this creation during the next General Assembly