E-SWAN Book: Space weather and space climate: a timeline

E-SWAN is happy to announce the upcoming publication of the book titled : Space weather and space climate: a timeline


At the beginning of the 20th century, it was admitted that our atmosphere could not extend beyond a few tens of kilometers. Shortly after the midst of that same century, it was understood that the Earth is surrounded by a complex and rich plasma environment, conditioned by solar activity, extending over several tens of thousands of kilometers. Today, we know that our planet's boundaries extend far towards the Sun.

This book tells the story of this historical revolution, perhaps as important as the Copernican one. It also reveals the impact that solar activity is having on our technological societies, from the most beautiful to the most fearsome: Polar auroras and tourism, power and communications disruptions, interference with space-based positioning systems, aircraft losing contact with control towers, astronauts under threat, along with the growing problem of space debris. It presents, in a clear and educational way, a new and exciting discipline - space weather and space climate - its physics, instruments and methods, from modeling to artificial intelligence to space weather forecasting centers globally.

Written by a dozen of the world's leading specialists in this field, Space weather and Space climate : a timeline is the tribute of the world's largest space weather and space climate association, E-SWAN, to the lovers of space and nature.

Editor and availability

The book will be published by EDP Sciences.

The e-book will be open access. It will be available on this page as well as on the following sites EDP Open (https://www.edp-open.org/books/edp-open-books) and EDP online store https://laboutique.edpsciences.fr/



This book has been coordinated by Jean Lilensten and Jaroslav Urbar The authors (in alphabetical order are) : Sophie Chabanski, Antonio Gerrero Ortega, Marina Gruet, Magnar Gullikstad, Stefan Hofmeister, Lauri Holappa, Jean Lilensten, Joao Pedro Marques, Lisa Nelson, Frédéric Pitout, Jaroslave Urbar, Christine Verbeke Part of the current book is based on "J. Lilensten, F. Pitout, M. Gruet, J. Marques, Météorologie de l’espace, vivre demain avec notre soleil, Editions De Boeck supérieur, ISBN 978-2-8073-3306-2, 2021 ", with the authorization of the publisher De Bœck Supérieur.


This book is framed within the initiatives of the Outreach and Education Committee of the European Space Weather and Space Climate Association (E-SWAN). E-SWAN is an international non-profit association created to provide a long-term support to the space weather and space climate activities, with a focus on Europe

The authors acknowledge the financial contribution of E-SWAN towards this publication via an International Coordination Action grant from the Research Foundation - Flanders.(www.fwo.be).

J. Lilensten acknowledges funding support from the Programme National Soleil Terre (PNST - Solar Terrestrial physics national program) of the CNRS/INSU also co-funded by CNES and CEA.