Invitation to Ordinary General Assembly 2023


Dear E-SWAN Members,


It’s our pleasure to announce the ordinary General Assembly (GA) meeting of the European Space Weather and Space Climate Association (E-SWAN) that will take place on November 20, 2023 at 11:00-12:25 CET as a part of the European Space Weather Week  (ESWW) 2023 in Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis, Toulouse.


The General Assembly is organised in hybrid mode: on-site for the in-person ESWW2023 participants and on-line for other members. The link for the on-line participant will be made available at the E-SWAN website (member restricted area):


Bureau of the Assembly: 

  • President: Luca Spogli
  • Secretary: Anna Morozova



  • General introduction (L. Spogli) – 10 minutes
  • Report from the Committees – 25 minutes 
    • PC ESWW (M. Bisi, P. Jiggens)
    • PubCom (J. Watermann, P. Romano)
    • AwCom (A. Opitz)
  • Announcing the EOCcom (S. Chabanski) – 7 minutes 
  • Report from the WGs (L. Spogli, on behalf of the WG Chairs) – 10 minutes
  • Financial  report (A. Guerrero) – 5 minutes
  • Salutations of the new President (S. Poedts) – 5 minutes
  • Q&A (S. Poedts) – 10 minutes
  • Closing, including selection of volunteers for the signatures (S. Poedts) – 3 minutes


No later than 72 hours before GA meeting you will receive the related material, which includes: 

  1. Annual report on the E-SWAN activity;
  2. Annual financial report of E-SWAN;
  3. Annual report on the day-to-day management organisation by the E-SWAN Executive Director.


As E-SWAN members, you are required to vote for the approval of the three reports. The voting procedure will be online and a dedicated email will be sent on 20 November. The voting procedure will be kept open until the end of  November 27, 2023.


Best Regards