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Volume 2023 Number 3 - June 7, 2023

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The European Space Weather Week: a pivotal moment for our community (by Luca Spogli, President of E-SWAN)

It's a hot time for the European Space Weather Week in Toulouse. Thanks to the tremendous effort of the Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee, several important announcements have recently been made. These include a call for abstracts and topical discussion meetings, financial support for students (PhD, MSc, BSc) from countries on the DAC list, as well as satellite events. Notably, the E-SWAN School and E-SWAN Sustainability Workshop, organized respectively by the E-SWAN Working Groups "Education and Outreach Proto-Committee" and "Sustainability." Active participation in the European Space Weather Week holds significant importance in strengthening our relevant community. This annual event serves as a critical platform for scientists, researchers, engineers, and stakeholders to convene, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on advancing our understanding and preparedness for space weather phenomena. It plays a vital role in fostering progress in this field. I look forward to meeting you there!

Luca Spogli,

President of E-SWAN

Topical Issues open for submission

"Space Climate: Long-term effects of solar variability on the Earth's environment”, deadline extended to 31 August 2023

Topical Editor-in-Chief (T-EiC):

   Agnieszka Gil (agnieszka.gil-swiderska-at-uph.edu.pl)

   Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities & Space Research Centre PAS, Poland

"CMEs, ICMEs, SEPs: Observational, Modelling, and Forecasting Advances", deadline 31 July 2023

Topical Editor-in-Chief (T-EiC):

   Camilla Scolini (camilla.scolini-at-unh.edu)

   University of New Hampshire, USA

"Solar Sources of Space Weather", deadline 30 September 2023

Topical Editor-in-Chief (T-EiC):

   Judith de Patoul (judith.depatoul-at-oma.be)

   Solar–Terrestrial Centre of Excellence, Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium


Forthcoming papers


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The submission system for the abstracts in one of the sessions is now open. The submission system with details on the sessions and instructions is available at these links:

Description of selected plenary sessions: https://esww2023.org/plenary-session-description

Description of selected parallel sessions:  https://esww2023.org/parallel-session-description

Abstract submission page: https://esww2023.org/submit-an-abstract 

The deadline for oral abstract submissions is 29th of June 2023

The deadline for late poster abstract submissions is 10th of September 2023



The submission system to propose a topical discussion meeting (TDM) is now open. The submission system with details and instructions is available here:

Description of TDMs: https://esww2023.org/call-for-topical-discussion-meetings 

TDM submission page: https://esww2023.org/submit-a-tdm

The deadline for submission of a TDM is 29th of June 2023, included.



Financial support can be provided to a limited number of participants from DAC-listed countries and students (PhD, Msc, Bsc). More details and instructions are available here:


The deadline for application for financial support is 29th of June 2023, included



Three Satellite Events are organized before the main ESWW 2023 conference: Mini-ISWAT, E-SWAN School and E-SWAN Sustainability Workshop. You will find a description of these events at this link: https://esww2023.org/satellite-events-before-esww-2023

 Can space activities be made environmentally sustainable? (19 November 2023, Toulouse, France)

WG8-Sustainability is delighted to announce that it is organising a Sustainability Workshop on the Sunday preceding the ESWW19, in the same venue. The aim of the workshop is to share ideas, good practices, and discuss how we can go ahead and leave a sustainable future for the next generations.

ESA Research Fellow (PostDoc) (deadline for applications is June 16, 2023)

ESA provides this opportunity focussing on space weather impact on the upper atmosphere and satellite operations.


Open Position in Space Weather at ROB (deadline for applications is June 25, 2023)

As a federal scientific institute, the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB, https://www.astro.oma.be) provides services to citizens, industry, and government through alerts and predictions for space weather. To ensure the successful continuation of our operations in this highly competitive international context, ROB is seeking a collaborator to further develop and support its space weather services data service infrastructure for monitoring the Sun and improving space weather forecasting capabilities. The complete information and instructions may be found at https://www.astro.oma.be/en/information/jobs.

A CV and accompanying motivation letter must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The candidates can also directly contact Dr. Judith de Patoul or Véronique Delouille for additional information.

 1st E-SWAN school: Space Weather Data, Models and Services (17-19 November 2023, Toulouse, France)

The Sun in Science and Society Congress in Venice/Mestre (11-15 September 2023, Venice, Italy)

In the framework of the European H2020-SOLARNET Project, this congress aims to strengthen the links among heliophysicists, scientists, engineers, stakeholders and economists. During the congress, solar scientists will illustrate the state-of-the-art solar physics, Sun-Earth connection and technological capabilities. In contrast, scientists, engineers, stakeholders and economists will examine the relationships of solar physics with astrophysics, science and our society.

Abstract submission and registration are open at https://solarnet-s3.com/

UK Space Weather & Space Environment Meeting I: Transitioning from the SWIMMR Space-Weather Programme (12-15 September 2023, Cardiff, Wales, UK)

International Meridian Circle Program (IMCP) International Workshop and Space Weather School 2023 (14-23 September 2023, Beijing, China)

4th4th workshop of the Solar and Heliospheric Italian Community (SoHe4) (25-27 October 2023, Florence, Italy)




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