Environmental Sustainability of Space Activities Webinars


As scientists we are not only observing our physical environment but we have -unfortunately- also an impact on it. The sustainability of space sciences can be questioned, given its dependence on international collaborations, large data infrastructure and assets in space.
This webinar series  addresses these concerns  by examining the environmental impact of  the space weather and space climate sector.  The aim is to search for alternative, less damaging, ways of working and to share information that empowers our community to make adequate choices to progressively reduce its carbon footprint and environmental impact.


Upcoming webinars

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Past webinars

E-SWAN Sustainability Webinar 3 (Thursday, 19th October 2023)

The Space Sustainability Paradox: What is space sustainability and how can it be achieved?
by Andrew Wilson (Glasgow Caledonian University)


E-SWAN Sustainability Webinar 2 (Thursday, 12th October 2023):

Going beyond the “old normal” for a sustainable future in science
by Vanessa Moss (CSIRO Space & Astronomy, Australia)

E-SWAN Sustainability Webinar 1 (Thursday, 21th September 2023):

The energy challenges of digital technology and artificial intelligence: how to reconcile technological progress and ecological transition.
by David Hill (ISIMA/LIMOS, Université Clermont-Auvergne, France)