manuela timmer

Manuela Temmer

Universit├Ąt Graz [Austria]

Manuela Temmer runs the Heliospheric Physics Research Group at the Insitute of Physics of the University of Graz ( In her research she successfully established investigation techniques combining observations, i.e., in-situ measurements and remote-sensing image data from multiple spacecraft missions, together with modeling efforts (empirical, analytical, numerical).

With her team she currently works toward better understanding the early evolution as well as propagation processes of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) in interplanetary space. Of special interest in their studies are the relation between CMEs and the background solar wind flow, especially compression regions from high speed streams, and the interaction of these large-scale structures with planets. On the topic of solar and heliospheric physics, Manuela Temmer has published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers (with 31 first authored), having more than 7900 citations and h-index=51 (NASA ADS, April 2022).